Untitled Art Fair’s Inaugural Otazu Art Prize Goes to José Luis Landet

José Luis Landet at the Untitled booth of NF/Nieves Fernandez.


The Untitled Art fair’s first Otazu Art Prize has gone to the Argentinian artist José Luis Landet, whose work will be added to the collection of the Fundación Otazu in Navarra, Spain. The acquisition is the result of a $20,000 budget provided to the foundation for buying work on view at Untitled’s Miami Beach event.

Landet’s work Estar siendo. Bajo una bandera ajena, which is currently being shown at the booth for the Madrid gallery NF/Nieves Fernandez, will be added to the Otazu foundation’s collection. And the artist will be asked to design a label for a special edition of Bodega Otazu wine—made at the Spanish vineyard the foundation calls home.

The jury for this year’s prize included Jordi Bernadó, an artist and a communications adviser for the Fundación Otazu; Omar Lopez-Chahoud, the artistic director of Untitled Art; and Humberto Moro, a curator at the SCAD Museum of Art in Savannah, Georgia.


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